What to Eat When You’re in Kansas City

restaurantsEvery city and state is known specifically for places to visit, things to do, and most importantly, things to eat. Buffalo, New York is known for their famous chicken wings. The South is famous for fried pickle chips, okra, and soul food. Kansas City isn’t any different. We have our own specialty dishes that will put even the best Buffalo chicken wings to shame.

If you are traveling to Kansas City, there are a few plates you MUST try. In the United States, the average vacation lasts just four days, so it’s important to plan ahead. During your trip to Kansas City, there are some places you have to visit during your stay. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Burnt isn’t a Bad Thing
Many people may view burnt food as a bad thing. However, that isn’t the case for Kansas City. Here, the more burnt, juicy, crunchy, and fatty, the better. Back in the day, area barbecue restaurants used to give those burnt ends away for free, but now, many people actually list them on their menu. Since the 1970s historic restaurants such as Arthur Bryant’s sell burnt tips, and those bits are a hit. The dish is now considered to be a local delicacy.

Fried Chicken
An extremely popular Kansas City dish is fried chicken, and you can get some of the best fried chicken at Stroud’s, which has been known for their pan chicken since World War II. This dish reminds diners of cookouts and big family gatherings. This local grub has been served for decades but is far from dated. A three-piece chicken meal usually comes with three pieces of meat, salad, soup, and another side. It’s a hit all around Kansas City.

It’s Not All About the Main Course
If you’ve just stuffed your face with chicken or barbecue and find yourself having a relaxing stay in one of Kansas City’s historic hotels, get out of your room and head to the chocolate haven of the city. Known for its chocolate all around the world, Russel Stover finds a place to lay its head right here in Kansas City. It’s the third largest chocolate producer in the United States and makes candy in batches instead of bulk. Each batch is made with individualized attention, which makes it all the more of a treat.

Classic Italian with a Modern Twist
While Kansas City cuisine is most famous for its barbecue, the region is also known for its Italian food. If you’re looking for the best restaurants Lawrence KS has to offer, you can’t go wrong with some delicious Italian fare. At The Oread’s On The Hill restaurant, you’ll find classic Italian dishes with modern flavor. If you want to experience a real Italian kitchen during your stay in Kansas City, make your reservation today.

When visiting an All American city like Kansas City, there is so much to do — and even more to eat. To get an authentic KC experience, take the time to try a few local delicacies during your stay.