Headed on a KU College Tour? Make Sure to Do These These 5 Things!

a college tourIs your child going away to college? If so, this is a fun, exciting, and perhaps emotional time. Visiting colleges and going on plenty of college tours is a great way to get your child acclimated to what their next four years will be like away at school.

Considering that Lawrence, Kansas was voted the number one college town nationwide, Kansas University is a great option for any potential student. KU is an institution of approximately 28,401 students and 2,600 faculty members spread across five separate campuses. Since it is quite big, it can feel exceptionally overwhelming, especially if you are visiting a college town for the first time.

But don’t worry! Whether you’re an aspiring KU freshman or a parent, we’ve created a list of things to make sure you do when you’re on a college tour to make sure you get all the information you need.

    • Go on a school day
      While it may be more convenient to go during the weekend, you’ll want to see what the campus is actually like during an average school day. You’ll be able to scope out different areas where the students hang out, see how busy the cafeterias are, and get a glimpse of how the students interact with each other. Socialization is key to having an excellent experience at school, so these are important factors to consider.


    • Look at multiple different classrooms
      Chances are, you’ll have multiple different classrooms for different subjects. Some may be in lecture halls, others may be in small classrooms. Check out as many classrooms as you can to see the layouts, the technology, and the walk from potential dorms.


    • Eat at the dining hall
      You never know what kind of cuisine to expect on a college campus! Make sure to give at least one campus food area a try when you’re visiting.


    • Don’t be afraid to ask questions
      Your tour guide will most likely be a student, and they are there to help you! If you have any question, big or small, it is their job to help you out. Try to leave with a comprehensive understanding of the campus by the end of the tour. This will make your decision that much easier.


  • Visit the sports facilities
    Especially in KU, where Jayhawks basketball reigns supreme, you’ll want to see the athletic facilities for yourself! You’ll be spending a lot of time watching games during your tenure, so it can be cool to check things out in person when you’re visiting for the first time.

No college tour is complete without a hotel stay in the city. If you have scheduled a college tour with KU, make sure to stop on by to the Oread. As one of the historic hotels in Lawrence, KS, you’ll be able to have a relaxing stay and focus on the tour at hand!